Come Thru!

Enter the romantic world of coffee, a humble, yet complex and beautiful drink. Coffee can, at times, be so awe insiring that it attracts thinkers, dreamers and creatives - from all walks of life. Our dream from the beginning has been pretty simple, make the best drive-thru coffee possible for folks on the go.

Each drink we make is a labor of love, not a push of a button. We use the best ingredients possible - direct trade coffees, local milk, scratch made syrups - but all that means nothing without the barista behind your favorite cup. Measure, grind, brew, repeat. Our baristas are always honing their craft, which means a delicious beverage each and every time you visit.

On top of delcious drinks, service and approachability are things we take very seriously. We see every car that pulls thru our shop as an opportunity to make someone's day better. Whether you've been drinking coffee your whole life, or if you are new to this amazing drink - we're here to make sure you have an awesome experience.

The cornerstone of CupLux is our committment to be a responsible business. Internally that means fostering a great work culture, and taking care of our employees. But its also about becoming more sustainable, reducing our footprint, and being a postitive contributor to the community that surrounds us.

We're honored to be a part of the coffee scene here in Charlotte, and as the city's first drive-thru-only shop, we hope we make you proud!

Drive Safe,
Your CupLux Fam

CupLux Coffee 3115 Freedom Dr. Charlotte, NC