Coffee + Nature

We believe that every business is responsible for postively contributing to the community it operates in. At CupLux, this is embodied in our community philosophy "Nature for All." Nature for All is the belief that every human being should be able to readily access nature regardless of where they live. In larger, metropolitan areas, accessing nature can be difficult, but the efforts of urban conservation groups can help improve accessibility to nature via parks, greenways, etc. Our goal is to help bolster existing conservation efforts in and around Charlotte --creating positive, visible impact.


TreesCharlotte is a non-profit organization working to preserve, increase and diversify our tree canopy here in Queen City. Currently, our beautiful canopy covers 47% of the city. TreesCharlotte has a goal of reaching 50% canopy coverage by the year 2050 (50x50). This will require the planting of 500,000 trees! (new paragraph) CupLux will be doing small community events planting trees in both our neck of the woods (pun, very much intended) as well as in other parts of the city. As our ability to make an impact grows, so will the frequency of these and other urban conservation events we help with. If you want to learn about how you can help TreesCharlotte with their 50x50 goal visit Trees Charlotte.

#CanopyLove your own photos to share what you love about our trees and help spread awareness!

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